About Us

Growvest is the simplest investment club platform in Nigeria.  Growvest provides access to Private Equity and Venture Capital investment opportunities to female private investors, investment clubs, cooperatives, family offices, and High Net worth Individuals. 

At Growvest we are passionate about women of Africa and the transformational potential of applying technology to investing. 

We facilitate long term wealth for women.

We focus on 4 basic principles

  • Simplify Savings and investing
  • Automate
  • Community
  • Co-investing    


  • Saving and Investment Tips and Tricks
  • How to navigate PE and VC investment opportunities
  • Review a live PE/VC deal opportunity  


  • Save and Invest accountability challenge
  • Exclusive hacks to keep you saving consistently
  • Your questions on PE and VC investment answered
  • Club virtual meetings | expert discussions |collaboration | training

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Registration opens to new members in July 2020.